Waterstone (#50)

17 10 2010

Relatively new spot Waterstone is #50 on The List.  Most of my friends haven’t even heard of it, so here’s a little background on the place.  Waterstone opened in late 2009,  in a space once inhabited by a lesbian bar called Coconuts (love that, by the way).  Coconuts apparently went downhill and closed after a fatal shooting outside the bar in March 2009.  There was a post on the Baltimore Sun nightlife blog before Waterstone opened that suggested it was going to be a high-end lesbian bar and restaurant.

I would never have guessed any of that based on my visit there on Friday night.  Well, except for the high-end part.  I went with two of my friends who were already fans of the place.  It is very attractive inside, and it is obvious that the owner has taken great care in creating a upscale, but comfortable restaurant.  A far cry from the dance party days of Coconuts, the only music playing was soft adult contemporary in the background.

The service was excellent and the food was delicious (our only complaint was that there was too much of a bread-to-lamb ratio on the lamb sliders).  I really didn’t see any evidence that Waterstone is a “lesbian bar,” whatever that means.  The owner had quite a presence, greeting each customer and chatting with everyone.  She sat with us for a while, and could not have been nicer.  Overall, it was a pleasant experience, and I will definitely go back again.

But…  why is this place on the list of Top 50 BARS in Baltimore?  We were there on a Friday night, from 8-10pm, and there were never more than 4 people sitting at the bar.  Don’t get me wrong, I liked the food, I liked the owner, and I definitely hope this place succeeds.  But…  I wouldn’t go to Waterstone for the bar alone.

And of course, after dinner, we headed back to our local corner bar, which was filled with raucous baseball fans and beer pong.  Ahhhh, home.