I love Baltimore and all of its charming smallness. I love that “Where did you go to school?” means high school, and I love that the degrees of separation continue to decrease with each passing year that I live here. One of the defining elements of Baltimore’s culture (and I use that term very loosely) is the locals’ affinity for their favorite bars. There is quite a range, including the mega tourist shitstorm of Power Plant Live, fratty douche-magnet bars in Federal Hill and Canton, hipster Hampden hangouts, artsy bars in Station North, and cozy local corner bars where somebody probably knows your name. Baltimore is a city of neighborhoods, and often people stay within the confines of their favorite. I am just as guilty of this as the next Baltimoron.

Recently, our local newspaper created a list of the “50 Best Bars in Baltimore”, and I was surprised to discover how many bars on the list were bars I have never visited. This blog is going to document my attempt to visit each and every one of the Baltimore Sun’s 50 Best Bars. Probably not all in one night, but you never know. This is going to be fun.


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19 06 2011

You described Baltimore to a tee, I can tell you grew up here ; ) !

19 06 2011

Haha- You found my old blog! Thanks! I wish I could keep up with it, but obviously I can’t do it from Alabama. Maybe one day I will pick it back up again!

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