#47- Holy Frijoles

22 01 2011

Wayyy back in the first weekend of November, I visited bar #47, a Mexican restaurant and bar in Hampden called Holy Frijoles.  We went up early to check out “First Fridays” in Hampden, an event for which many of the stores on The Avenue stay open later and provide free food, alcohol and music.  I pretty much detest shopping, but I must admit that adding food, booze and a DJ definitely increases the appeal.  We developed a buzz at Doubledutch, and thoroughly enjoyed the free guacamole and weird tequila-beer drink they were serving at Red Tree.

Finally we headed over to Holy Frijoles.  I have actually been here before, and it was pretty much as I remembered- delicious cucumber margaritas, decent food and mediocre hipper-than-thou service.  And just when I was thinking the night would be devoid of any memorable story whatsoever, I ran into our tour guide from the Joe Squared trip, who promptly accused me of stalking him (possible).  We hung out with him and his friends for a bit, while Holy Frijoles slowly cleared out (a sure sign that it leans the way of restaurant over bar).

It would have been fun to sing karaoke at Cafe Hon next door, but we were pretty much ready to get back to the neighborhood bars that we know and love.  Yes, this blog is about getting outside of my comfort zone and trying new things, but sometimes you really do just want to go where everybody knows your name…  and where home is walking (stumbling) distance.