Halloweekend Hiatus

2 11 2010

I realized today that while I have been busily drumming up readers for this blog, I haven’t actually written anything in a week.  Shameful.  Due to the confluence of UMD’s homecoming, Halloween festivities and a pretty nasty cold, I am relatively certain that I haven’t been to any bars on The List over the past week (although Sunday is a little fuzzy, to be honest).  But who wants to visit a new bar on Halloween weekend anyway?  Don’t get me wrong, Halloween is one of my absolute favorite holidays, but it’s also one of those holidays that brings out the amateurs.  You know, those people who don’t go out to bars except on St. Patty’s Day, Cinco de Mayo, Halloween and the night before Thanksgiving.  No, thank you.  I prefer talking to regulars, and they are usually smart enough to take cover on amateur nights.  Of course, I still went out- I just tried to avoid the places that would be absolute mayhem, like Fells Point on Saturday night.

Starting at 9am on Saturday, we had a “fancy” themed tailgate for UMD’s drubbing of Wake Forest.  Yes, those are cucumber sandwiches with the crusts cut off.  When we pick a theme, we commit.

In the evening some friends and I went on a bar crawl in Locust Point.  It was definitely the right decision- the streets were just empty enough for a constant dodgeball battle while walking between bars, but not so empty that we didn’t find random parties to crash and firepits to dance around.

My Sunday Funday started with football & shots at the local spot, and somehow ended in Fells Point with a yellow Teletubby.  Fells was definitely much busier than an average Sunday night- but not completely out of control.  Just good costumes, police on horses and people-watching.  My favorite.

Oh, wait, actually our evening ended back at the local bar, with the Teletubby doing the worm- apparently it is easier with a pillow as part of your costume.

Next up, #47, Holy Frijoles in Hampden.


Randomness Abounds

25 10 2010

I didn’t visit any of The List bars this weekend, but here’s a few pictures of what I did instead.

I started Friday with wayyy too many shots at Johnny Rad’s, the new skater-themed bar and pizza place on Eastern Avenue.

I like this place- the staff is really nice and the crowd is pretty chill.  Plus, they have chalkboards on every surface in the bathroom AND a clever sign out front:

Saturday included an 80s-themed Halloween party, complete with a guy dressed as a pants-less Tom Cruise from Risky Business.  I decided to post this nice picture of jelly bracelets instead.  You’re welcome.

And then Sunday Funday happened.  I will spare you all of the blurry details that I can remember, but the highlight had to be singing karaoke at Walt’s Inn.  There we were, with all the other stumbling idiots leftover from a football Sunday, wearing jerseys, taking jello shots and singing Billy Joel, and in walks…  well, this chick:

…along with a large crew of other people who just didn’t quite blend.  I found out later that they are all on tour with Andrew W.K., the party rocker best known for his one “hit” wonder, “Party Hard.”  The woman in the picture is actually his wife, Cherie Lily, who performs in her own musical genre known as Houserobics.

You can’t make this stuff up, people.  It’s Baltimore.

Sundays in Ravens country

18 10 2010

Sometimes it’s hard for me to get used to the rabid Ravens fans in this town.  Yes, I said rabid- try to dispute it.  It’s true that I grew up here, but I have never quite claimed the Ravens as my own.  What used to be a baseball town has mostly given up on its Os (although I remain optimistic that the fans might come back).  Now it’s all Ravens, all the time.

But I just like to watch football on Sundays, and a bar stool in a comfortable environment can be hard to come by during a Ravens game.  I spent at least 45 minutes checking out various corner bars in Canton on Sunday, trying to find a place to sit, eat food and drink beer.  Most of the bars were so full that people were watching the game from the sidewalk, through the windows!  No thanks.

I ended up at Portside (in Canton Square), and the people-watching turned out to be far more entertaining than the game.  I wish I had thought to take pictures of the girls in mini-tube dresses (at 2pm), the dudes with popped-collars and pleated khakis, and the guy wearing eye make-up.

Is it MD basketball season yet?