Henninger’s Tavern (#45)

5 02 2011

Henninger’s was another one of those bars to which I had trouble convincing people to go.  No one had heard of it, even though the reviews I read suggested that it was a cool spot with pretty good food.  The List describes Henninger’s as “fiercely idiosyncratic,” and I think that’s pretty dead-on.  It’s in Upper Fells Point (whatever that means), and it’s basically a neighborhood bar.  It seemed to be mostly regulars and, by the end of the night, employees/owners/staff.

There is a lot to take in when you walk into Henninger’s- every available wall and surface is covered with kitsch.  But it’s not the same kind of kitsch as Paper Moon Diner, no plastic toys and dolls.  It’s more old-school, vintage, classy kitsch.  If there is such a thing.  My partner in crime on this evening immediately pointed out a picture of Jesus, the Pope, and John F. Kennedy above the bar.  He noticed that even before he noticed the plethora of naked lady pictures all over the walls.  I can’t really do it justice with words, so take a look at these:

Jesus is blocked out by the glare, but you can see the row of naked lady pictures at the top!

Um….  art?

Nurses For Sale and a reading nook?

Oh my!

The women’s bathroom- complete with leopard-print walls.

Henninger’s was cozy and eclectic, and I would definitely stop back in for a drink if I ever happened to be in the neighborhood.  But it was a little slow for a Friday night, and my friend and I decided to venture onward and see if we could make some Bad Decisions…